“It is my opinion that very best Live Loopers are composers first and foremost, in that they are not driven by the technology or seduced by the myriad of available gimmicks, but rather they drive the technology,
often beyond it’s known limits, to fit within their ideas and to
fulfill their true artistry.” K. Rule

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 ‘The Unconventional Live Looper’ site will include:

‘Ableton Looping Tutorials’ – will host an extensive resource for those interested in exclusive acoustic live looping (no pre recorded sounds or click track) using Ableton Live.  The tutorials will start with basics such as clip and looper plugin based looping and then progress to more advanced material such as dummy tracks, session planing and sound sculpting. For more info on what the tutorials will cover Click Here.

‘Notation & Scores’ - I’ll be looking at scoring options for live looping compositions and helping classically trained musicians enter the wonderful world of looping.

‘The Art of Live Looping’ – the focus here will be on the compositional process with unique insight into how to approach technology from a compositional perspective, including performance outcomes.

‘Master Loopers’ – a collated resource for those new to looping and looking for inspiration.

‘Blog’ - a place to share looping news, thoughts and ideas, plus any album releases from our Master Loopers.

For more information about ‘The Unconventional Cellist’, Kristin Rule visit;
or contact Kristin direct at cellist@kristinrule.com